Confidence is decisive
Michael Pachleitner,

Michael Pachleitner took over his father’s small optical company in 1984. Since then, he has worked continuously to develop it into what is now MPG, with currently around 900employees. “In my eyes, forward thinking and confidence are the most important factors. The industry is constantly changing. You need to always have the right instinct in order to continue to grow successfully.” His award for “Entrepreneur of the Year 2017” is a testament to the fact that he hasn’t lost this instinct over the decades. “It’s a huge honour. But the credit really goes to the whole team.” This also includes his wife Denise, to whom he has been married since 2012 and who is also an active part of the company. And another passion of his is also on display at the Graz company headquarters:in the foyer of the MP09, you will find a model of his vintage car collection.However, they’re not just for show.Michael Pachleitner drives them too.He participates in vintage car rallies with great enthusiasm.“You can’t be afraid of competition.Those who don’t act fast and agile in every situation stand no chance of winning.”