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Our open-minded outlook
is clear to see

MPG is a meeting place for the most diverse personalities. Over 900 people from 18 different countries work here. Originating from Italy, France and Finland, to Ukraine and India. Their areas of responsibility entail a wide range of specialist fields – from optics, to marketing and advertising, to IT and gastronomy. New employees become acquainted with our departments as part of a welcome workshop. In addition, we also place great value on allowing every team member to develop their potential, and offer various training programmes.


Together, we put
more into motion

To encourage the feeling of team spirit, MPG also promotes sporting activities within the group, such as participation in the business run or the like. What’s more, we have also introduced the campaign “Mittwoch ist Fitwoch” (Fit Wednesdays) directly in the workplace: each Wednesday, our team purposefully takes the stairs instead of the lift, has the option to join a free yoga session, and can recharge with fresh fruit all day long. And if that’s not enough, the swing, bouldering wall and pull-up bar in our creative department invite staff to let off steam in a healthy way every day of the week.


Our food is a feast
for all the senses

Anyone who visits our headquarters in Graz has excellent taste. For behind the simple name Nullneun is surely the best cafeteria in Styria. At noon, the delicate creations by top chef Robert Ferstl delight the palate – and our staff can also enjoy special rates. And in the evening, Nullneun transforms into an exquisite award-winning restaurant.

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