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Eyeglass lenses
“made in Germany”

Our eyeglass lenses are developed by the Austrian market leader, Austrian Optics Technologies. And for the production thereof, we put our trust in 70 years of know-how, cutting edge technology and a location in Central Europe: in Glücksburg on the German Baltic coastline, high-quality premium glasses are manufactured on the basis of innovative free-form technology – now that is what we call glass quality “Made in Germany”.

The optimum glass:
For everyone

The demands made of our eyes are changing. Nowadays, they are pushed to their absolute limit. This is why we offer you more than customised single vision lenses, classic multifocal lenses and high-tech single vision lenses. We produce eyeglass lenses for screen work as well as highly specialised glasses for golf, perfect vision on the water and snow, and lenses for secure, glare-free driving at night.

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